Common questions you might have about Issue 3.

Q. What’s the TL;DR version?
A. That’s “Too Long; Didn’t Read” for folks who aren’t internet savvy. To sum it up, Issue 3, or “the Petition Killer” is a sneaky way of taking away our rights that the Arkansas Constitution gives us to petition and get issues we care about on the ballot for all of us to vote on. So this November, VOTE NO ON ISSUE 3!

Q. Is this a partisan/Democrat/Republican/liberal/conservative issue? A. Absolutely not. When the legislature introduced this amendment it was opposed by people ranging from very conservative to very liberal and all kinds of people in between. What this is really about is politicians and special interest groups trying to take our rights away to protect their own interests and that is a threat to all of us.

Q. I didn’t like it when “Issue X” passed on the ballot. So why shouldn’t I vote for Issue 3? A. Because democracy only works when we all have a fair shot to have our say and if this passes all of us are going to lose that, including you. We all have seen issues we didn’t support pass at some point at the ballot box. We’ve also all seen issues we agreed with be rejected at the ballot box at some point. That’s democracy-none of us get everything we want all the time but it beats the heck out of not having a say. If Issue 3 passes, we lose that altogether. And hey, if you didn’t like the way one election went, you can put the work in and convince your fellow citizens to change their mind in the next one. That’s the right way to do this.

Q. I’m reading the text of Issue 3. Why is it written in such a vague and confusing way? A. So it’s easier to trick people into voting for it.

Q. Is ProtectARVoices a partisan/ideological group? A. No. We are not funded by any political party and our sole focus is on defeating Issue 3. The only other political issue we’ve taken any position on was making absentee ballots more available to Arkansans during the coronavirus pandemic and that was with the goal of making sure everyone could safely cast their vote against Issue 3.

Q. How is ProtectARVoices funded? A. Grassroots, individual contributions. You can look at our fundraising reports on the Arkansas Ethics Commission website and make a contribution yourself via the donation page here on our website.